What Sets Us Apart

Family orthodontics serving Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas.

At Hanley Orthodontics, we offer jaw surgery to help to correct jaw-related irregularities and improve chewing, speaking, and breathing. Whether you have difficulty swallowing food, under bites or over bites, a protruding jaw, birth defects, or other conditions, contact Dr. Hanley and our team. We can help determine if you need jaw surgery in order to help your condition or if there is another way to correct the problem. Let us help get you the smile you are looking for.

Are you or a family member in need of a palatal expander?

At Hanley Orthodontics, we want to make your smile look better than ever. Sometimes, patients need palatal expanders in order to achieve the best look. The expander works by turning a key inside the center of the expander. By turning the key, the arms of the expander will push out, helping the teeth move in order to begin using braces. If your dentist believes you or your family members could benefit from a palatal expander, call us. We can help guide you through this process.

Interested in teeth whitening services? Contact us today! 

With two office locations in Buffalo and Alden, and convenient appointment times, your orthodontic treatment can be easy and hassle free! Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Hanley today!